Vampire Guide to Cocktails (cold weather drinks for adults).

And there is more. This link is to the cold weather hot toddy and Irish coffee drinks. Yum:

Vampire Guide to Cocktails (cold weather drinks for adults)..


Heart to Hearth Cookery – A must see blog!

It you haven’t checked out the blog “Heart to Hearth Cookery” a blog about historic food and cooking the really old way, then you’re missing a real treat. I came upon this blog just by chance and now I’m hooked. Check it out:


Wine, Spirits and Best Intentions

When I started the West Coast Review blog back in February 2012 I had every intention of creating the “go to” place for wine and spirit reviews, food/cooking, buying local, shopping, travel…

After letting West Coast Review sit for months I’m back…at least back forwarding blogs from others, including my alter ego sister blog (

I hope to start doing more original postings in the future. I live and work in Northern California but my goal is to create posts that will entertain everyone, no matter where they are.

For today…a review of some Bourbons, Vodkas and a nice Port. Enjoy.

New Favorites From Teddy’s Bar.

~ MT