Silent Nights – Don’t forgot those who are easily forgotten

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I remember when we were all younger and wish I had those times back again.

Do me a favor, and in the next year reach out to someone who is alone. Bring the mail in for your elderly neighbor or make them cookies once a month or books. Watch a movie with someone who is shut in. Call and check in to an old friend. Offer to help and mean it. Even taking someone to the store, the grocery store or Target means a lot. Those simple acts and everyday things we take for granted are sometimes a BIG deal for someone who is alone. I know it isn’t always easy, but that unease will turn to comfort and joy.


Taking Care of Our Elders

The reblogged link is to a work of fiction – but it rings true for all of us who are looking after elders and care takers. Especially during this Holiday season and after, remember those who are older and perhaps alone. Help them, do things with them, engage their minds, hearts and souls. They are our treasures.

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