Real Life Mystery: Looking for Answers. Where is Rob Harrington?

Real Life Mystery: Looking for Answers. Where is Rob Harrington?.

Real Life Mystery: Looking for Answers. Where is Rob Harrington?

Today I’m posting something from a friend.
Jamee Lynn Harrington lost her father. He vanished 10 years ago. Her family is trying to find out what happened. Her sister Candi Pontinen has set up a site to help hire someone to help.

Please read and follow the link.

From Jamee:

He’s my Father- everyone says they know what happened, but they don’t know what happened, I’m sure a private investigator could find answers if we could hire one. I’d appreciate any help available. I love this man too pieces, and closure for everyone would be really nice for this man who worked in inporting and exporting, and knows people all over the world.

From The Toronto Sun:

Five years ago, his four children held a memorial service for Rob Harrington after a Toronto homicide detective told them he was dead.
But now the same police service insists it has no evidence that Harrington was murdered and they still consider him a missing person. Leaving them more confused than ever.
It’s been nine years since their father simply vanished from their lives.
Nine years of missed birthdays and holidays, nine years of unanswered questions and perplexing searches. After all this time, Cadi Harrington just wants to know what happened to her dad, even if it means learning the worst.
“We just want to know one way or the other, a solid concrete answer just so I can stop looking at people on the street and thinking that they’re him,” explains his 29-year-old daughter.
So she is appealing to her father directly through the Toronto Sun, hoping that he might see this and get in touch. Because deep down, she still believes that he must be alive.
“I’ve got three kids; he’s a grandpa,” says the Ajax mom. “They want to know who he is, they want him in their lives. We don’t care that it’s been so long, we just want to pick up the pieces and be a family again.”
She quickly admits her father was a shady character associated with Russian gangsters and may have met with foul play or been forced to go into hiding. Divorced from their mom, the 47-year-old lived in a basement apartment on Vaughan Rd., worked in “import/export” and spoke often of offshore accounts.
But he was still her dad.
She last spoke to him when he called to wish her happy birthday on Aug. 29, 2004. Her brother was in contact with him a few days later to arrange his tuition instalments for university in Mississippi.
Her sister was scheduled to meet up with him in Toronto on Sept. 4. But Harrington never showed — and no one has heard from him since.
Toronto Police received a report from his neighbour that his apartment window had been smashed, his beloved dog was barking madly and Harrington was nowhere to be found. When she learned from detectives at 13 Division that her father had been reported missing, his daughter began contacting all his friends and colleagues. They were as mystified as she was.
She rang the police station every day for a year, hoping for news. She says her calls were never returned. In May 2012, while speaking to a chatty constable on the desk, she learned that her dad had actually been located in January 2005 but he didn’t want his family notified.
That was diametrically opposed to what they were told in 2008.

Click here for more information including a the funding site and the complete article from The Toronto Sun.

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