Writing our hearts out for a good cause

Over 400,000 Americans have MS – Multiple sclerosis (MS)

It seems like more have it – including three of my friends and about a dozen others I know or know of (friends of friends, people I do business with, etc).

When a writer in the WPaD Group (Writer’s, Poets and Deviants) came down with MS it was heartbreaking.

So we wrote and wrote and wrote. Writer’s from the US, Canada and other ports of call came together and wrote.

So far we have 3 anthologies with the proceeds going to MS research. Check out the books below online at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other places fine books are sold.

And why yes, I have stories in all three (Under the names Marla Todd, Juliette Kings and Oscar Gray)

The books are fun, entertaining, and CHEAP.

Great reading for a great cause.

Writing our hearts out for our friends with MS
Writing our hearts out for our friends with MS