No End in Sight (the rest of the story)

A short bit of fiction to start off the week with…

No End in Sight

A short story from Juliette Kings 


The cold tile under her feet was always preferable to shoes. That was something her mother never understood. Just like nobody understood when Karl passed away she didn’t want to be bothered by anyone for a long time. She went to the beach where she could feel the cool sand in her toes and stood under the gray sky watching the waves for hours. Then she went home and wondered what was next.He looked across the beach and saw a woman who reminded him of a girl he knew in college. Only this woman was older than the 22-year-old girl he’s last seen. The woman on the beach was around his age. Standing alone she watched the waves. He should have gone up to her, or at least walked by close enough to see if it was the girl who’d haunted his thoughts for the past 30 years.After she arrived home she sat on her deck listening to the sounds of the woodpeckers. A dog barked or other suburban sounds drifted over the fence. She poured another glass of wine. Now what?

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California Afternoon, Vampire Guys (again), Parenting and Modern Life

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I am not a felon.

I was stunned after I’d read this post. Most of us (if you’re alive) have been falsely accused, but nothing like this.

This is one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in a long time.

They say someone is innocent until proven guilty but we all know that is rarely true. People are judged and lives are broken apart with no consequences for those who accuse (and often lie).

The bravery to share this and the bravery and character to go on proved that she is a true warrior.


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How many times a week do you shave? If you answer incorrectly, we may have to kill you.

Click here: How many times a week do you shave? If you answer incorrectly, we may have to kill you..

If you don’t think this is both brilliant and funny and if you don’t learn something by it…well then there is no hope for you. SO relax and read it and enjoy.


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A Field Guide to North American Yard Sales: 15 Documented Species

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