I am not a felon.

I was stunned after I’d read this post. Most of us (if you’re alive) have been falsely accused, but nothing like this.

This is one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in a long time.

They say someone is innocent until proven guilty but we all know that is rarely true. People are judged and lives are broken apart with no consequences for those who accuse (and often lie).

The bravery to share this and the bravery and character to go on proved that she is a true warrior.


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Writing Space

A wonderful post about my friend and REAL blogger Gina McKnight.


You’ll like her blog, her attitude towards everything, her sense of beauty and her horses and cats.

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An open letter to the Targets

Powerful words from a young blogger. A must read if you are a teen or live with one. 


Dear self-conscious, maligned, beaten down, broken whoever you are,Chances are that you don’t really want to talk to me or read these words and know that I am addressing you. But I am. You can either put up with that or click that little red cross in the corner. How are you? I hope that you are good, but are you feeling well? There is a difference and I hope that you can see it.

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West Coast Review gives 123insatiableme.wordpress.com a 5 star rating and if you aren’t following this amazing young blogger you should be.

The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Susie Bertie

I have had a lucky streak …. a fair number of years in the company of some stellar songwriters – one of my favorites  – songwriter, singer of songs and musician  Darrell Scott.  Darrell  writes songs that lean into the deep cuts of this land ; a little Country, a little Americana, a whole fishing bucket of poetry. There is timeless essence here,  and to tap that elxir, to weave that spell … well, any tribe of traveling minstrels or poets strive for that alchemy.

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What we’re talking about – You never have to make an excuse for loving and supporting your children (and other issues)

What we’re talking about – You never have to make an excuse for loving and supporting your children (and other issues).


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