Bonkopalypse: A Red Darkling Jam


A glitchy robotic cat that bumps into walls and cleans its “exhaust port” in true cat style, sex pun sci-fi acronyms, and a cast of colorful and dysfunctional characters – what more could one want in a book?

You might or might not recall a book I recommended a while back – a riveting, action-packed yet comedic sci-fi adventure called Red Darkling.

Shoutout to Jason Kemp of Tenkara Studios, Toronto Ontario, for his stunning original artwork on both of these book covers!

The author, L.A. Guettler, has participated in several of my collaborative projects with the infamous WPaD (Writers Poets and Deviants) group. A pair of early tales of Bonk the cat can be found in WPaD’s sci-fi anthology, Strange Adventures in a Deviant Universe.

Guettler is a brilliant writer, and her debut novel Red Darklingshowcases her talent for storytelling and warped sense of humor. The protagonist, Red Darkling…

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Author: Juliette Kings

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