Criss Cross (1949)

The Horror Hothouse

It’s got lust, greed, murder, an ice-cold Burt Lancaster, a smoldering Yvonne DeCarlo and a blink and you will miss it movie debut from Tony Curtis so what’s not to like about Robert Siodmak’s 1949 Noir Criss Crosswhich has just been released on UK Blu-ray as part of Eureka’s Masters of Cinema series.

49720074667_9ccab6d98b_o Burt and Yvonne get caught canoodling

Lancaster plays Steve Thompson who comes back to Los Angeles hoping to pick up with his ex-wife Anna (DeCarlo). Trouble is Anna is now hooked up with the notorious gangster Slim Dundee (Dan Duryea) so when Slim catches them in a secret tryst Steve bluffs his way out by offering to cut Slim in on a deal to hijack the six figure payroll delivery he will be driving. Sure Slim wants in on the deal, only can any of the partners really trust each other as this game of double…

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