When artificial intelligence runs amok… Published in 2017 by Horrified Press

“Somebody is going to have to fix this.”

“Really? I thought maybe I’d do the exact opposite and ignore the problem. You know, like we’ve been doing so far?”

“Sarcasm? That’s how you respond to a global crisis? How professional of you, Captain.”

“I learned from the best, Commander.” Jay made no effort to hide the venom in her voice.

Commander Obert slammed his palm against the desktop hard enough to make the monitors flicker. “Watch your tone, Captain! You’re on thin ice already.”

“I warned you about the issue long before it was a problem. If you hadn’t rushed it into the field without testing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“Are you suggesting this is my fault?”

“As opposed to what?”

“As opposed to the fault of the engineer who was paid massive amounts of…

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