Lurking, Squabbling Vampires

This was fun.


Author’s Note: This is my second story for Didi Oviatt’s March WIP Writing Challenge about Lurking Vampires.

“The Wolfman is clearly overrated, as monsters go.” Hildreth readjusted his Bossman 550 on his back.

“Well.” Jeff said. “You can’t pick Dracula. That’s too obvious.”

Hildreth thought it over as they walked down the sidewalk. “Okay. You have a point. Besides, Invisible Man is where it’s at. I mean, come on! The guy can go invisible at will.”

Jeff chuckled. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“So, I have the Invisible Man. Who do you get? And you can’t choose the same monster as me. That’s cheap cheating.”

“Hmm.” Jeff stopped and glanced around.

Hildreth stopped as well. He scanned the crowd just like how Master Initskay had taught them. Some vampires could blend in with regular humans with surprising ease. Others stood out in wrong and obvious ways. “What do…

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