Trick And Treat

Oh my goodness. These are absolutely wonderful!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Good squirrel, bad squirrel.

It just wouldn’t be Halloween on The Nest without a brand new, freshly carved Squirrel O’Lantern!  This year, the good pumpkins sold out way faster than expected, and by early last week when I normally buy my pumpkin each year, they were already long gone with no more coming in!  I had to settle for smaller pumpkins, which ruled out any elaborate carving designs… and I got the idea for this as I was sifting through the bin of midget pumpkins and bought two of them.  Meet Trick and Treat, the 2019 squirrel o’lanterns!  I plan on putting one on either side of the door tonight, and we’ll see if the normally few kids that trek through will be willing to brave wind chills in the 20’s for a chance to ooh and aah over my gourd carvery.  Oh, and I guess some candy too….


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