Welcome to Cole Manor

Anyone who loves cats will LOVE this blog.

Cats of Cole Manor

This site is dedicated to three of the most interesting cats I’ve ever met! Joey, Simon, and Beatriz! As I continue to reside at Cole Manor, I endeavor to chronicle their lives in all their splendor!

This is Simon Eugene Banks (pronounced Bonks) the Third resting in the arms of his favorite person. Simon is very affectionate toward anyone who doesn’t live in the Manor. He is very chill and usually spends his time staring out the living room window.

Simon, like most cats, likes to hide in boxes!

Simon has this weird quirk where he will scratch on objects like he’s trying to bury something. Nothing is safe. Here you can see him pawing at the litter tub.

Simon loves purses! He loves to claw them, rest on them, and investigate them for goodies. Lady Cole has had a few purses ruined in this manner, so she has taken…

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