Part 1366 – Hildreth, Come To Me.

A story well worth following.


Hildreth opened the back of his Bossman 550. He reset the hammer plates and clicked the stakes into the open slots. He closed the back and locked it tight.

The click of approaching heels spurred him up to his feet. He automatically balanced his weapon on his shoulder.

A young woman in a white basket-weave tank top and blue jeans approached him. “Hunter.”

He put his finger around the trigger.

“You smell good. I’m hungry.” She looked at him with a new vampire’s desperation. “One bite. One. Give me one bite, hunter.”

“Not in this lifetime.”

“Please. You don’t know. You don’t know what it’s like to be THIS hungry. You don’t know.” A line of drool escaped her lips. “You don’t know how many smells. Everything smells. Every little thing. Except fey. No one told me. No one ever told me that it would be like this. No one…

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Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. and

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