In Defense of Bloggers: How to Get Readers for Your Blog

Useful article for all bloggers and writers (and a fun read.) Thank you Nichole!

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In Defense of Bloggers

Stellar Content vs. Great Marketing: Which is more important?

Have you ever read a popular novel by a well-known author that had sold hundreds of thousands of copies, only to discover that it was complete crap? I have. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes to mind. (You can hate me if you want. There’s only so much I can take of a guy having coffee before I need an actual plot.)

Heaven Should Fall

I’ve also read fabulous novels that I loved, but they got much less attention and sold far fewer books. For example, my good friend, Rebecca Coleman, has written several novels, all of them better than that Stieg Larsson yawn-fest. My favorite is called Heaven Should Fall. It’s beautifully written, well-paced. The plot is compelling and the characters are dynamic, vivid, and well-researched. There’s not one scene in which a character broods in a coffee shop. (Seriously, you…

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