Short Story Sunday: Earthquake

A sweet little story about romance…

Vampire Maman

Andrew looked across the club at his friend James talking to a woman. By now James already knew her blood type, her body temperature, her heart rate, and how much she desired him. And that wasn’t from anything she’d said.

In about twenty minutes she would be in a dark corner or back room with James. His fangs would be in her neck. Her warm blood would be in his veins. Then James would leave her with sweet thoughts that would last for about a week. It would be his way of thanking her for her service. Of course she’d never know what happened, or that the man she’d flirted with was a Vampire.

Andy felt warmth next to him then looked over to see a young woman had made her place in the bar stool beside him. The place was hip and trendy enough so it was no surprise…

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