A Halloween tale of mystery, romance, and politics.


“Where’d she come from?” Tag said, to himself.

Tag usually wasn’t taken in by a pretty face, but this girl was beyond pretty. She was down-right gorgeous with her wavy blond hair lying gently over he shoulders.

He didn’t recognize her, and Tag met most of the people in town walking door to door on his campaign for city council. And he knew everyone at the gala to kick off three days of Halloween fun. After refreshments were served, Tag would make it a point to go introduce himself.

“Hi Tag,” he heard from behind him.

She was smiling we he turned around to see who it was.

“Do I know you?” he stood and shook her hand.

She brushed the bangs from her eyes, “I’m Gina Cooper.”

“Oh my God,” he hugged her.

Before Gina moved across the country when she was ten, they were best friends.

They danced…

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