We are not alone…

You are so right DiAnne. We are not alone.

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It may be uneasy times but we are not alone.
The wonder and the steadfastness of the
human spirit shows us this every day.

There are times we may come close to falling
in a wee world of neurosis designed to
rob us of our own strength and resolve,
making us feel uncommonly alone.

At these times the spirit of family and community
come together to celebrate the very art
of the human soul; the strength in humanity.
Others will reach out and hold our hands and tell us
We are not alone.

Even beyond this fact and  in those times of
low eyes and weak knees we can become
enlightened by our own reservoir of old souls.
They seem to become enormously alive
when called upon in dire times of need.

So when there is a trial to face, a dragon to slay,
We don’t have to wear a tight face or crumble
into a pile of cracked shards because
We are not alone.

© DiAnne Ebejer

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Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. Westcoastreview.wordpress.com and Vampiremaman.com

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