Vampires…books, looks, vibes and feelings. What is author R.M.Simone’ up to for August 2016?

More hot fun for hot summer nights – with a bite!

69 Shades of Smut

Hi everyone. Author R.M.Simone…so my UPDATES NEWS
August is my MONTH TO WRITE yeahhh VAMPIRES are calling me………….indeed……..
I am going to be working with three models and actors that are here at my Starbucks and my CLUB concierge;.these three young actors that are so unique I am going to put together
Donatelli……….a vampire good knight slayer and Scotsman and Patrick is going to read and act out an EXCERPT for this BOOK on a vampire story not yet published.
A teaser… my other two budding actors i have some delicious things coming. One is with the VOYEUR story series of my BBW and the other is with the SCI FI story of DOMINATRIX
I have two Fan Fiction books i am going to turn into regular books and new names to them and LAUNCH ONE KISS and also The Forest of his Mind. a Dear friend of mine…

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