Delusions of Slender: Why “Skinny Shaming” Isn’t Real


A Buick in the Land of Lexus

skinny shaming

Skinny Bitch.

I heard that most of my life. It’s called “skinny shaming.”

As part of the body positive movement, thin people, primarily women, are speaking out against being marginalized.

It is categorically wrong to make someone who is thin feel bad about it. To tell a thin woman that she looks ill, or that she should eat more, is unacceptable.


What I object to, is the use of the word “shame” associated with being skinny or fit. In today’s society, there is ZERO shame associated with being thin.

I’m genetically predisposed to being slender. I was a skinny kid, and once I grew into adulthood, particularly after pregnancy changed my body and age slowed my metabolism, I worked out and ate a very body-conscious diet.

Throughout my entire life, from childhood on, I was teased, shamed and ostracized because I was thin.


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Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. and

3 thoughts on “Delusions of Slender: Why “Skinny Shaming” Isn’t Real”

  1. I could just kiss you for this post! I weigh 101, up from a recent low of 97. A few years ago I struggled to keep my weight at 124 and had hit a 132 high when I quit smoking. In 2011 I was informed I had a permanent medical condition that has caused this weight loss. That being said every time someone says I am too skinny or look sick I have to just grin and bear it if I don’t wish to divulge my medical history. So just like heavy people we thin ones have reasons too! And even if they don’t its called respect and kindness!

    1. I thought this post was exceptionally well written. I love her blog. And I always thought you were darling and small from rocking out and dancing and being fun! We all need to take people as they come and not be so concerned with size or other superficial crap. Sigh.

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