Sloan was annoyed to find a car in her drive way. A perfect way to end a shitty day at work. Not only did she lose the front page to that little slutty suck-up Angala Foster, but now she couldn’t get her Bentley in the damn garage. She mumbled as she stormed in the door.

“Honey?” she surprisingly heard, and looked up the steps.

“I thought you wouldn’t be home till tomorrow?” she headed up the stairs feeling better with the thought of seeing her husband for the first time in a week. “Is that your rental in the drive way?”

A thud came from the bed room. Sloan rushed the rest of the way up the steps, and to the bed room door. A half naked woman, entangled in sheets was lying on the floor.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” he tried to argue, and walked over trying to…

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