Shitty Short Story #1: Tess, the Terribly Intelligent Teacher

If you only read one blog post this week – read this one.
This gets five out of five stars from West Coast Review (and throw in an extra star)

so... this is my life now


Dedicated to that one teacher who wouldn’t shut up at my summer professional development.

Tess was elated to start her day on Monday, July 27. After a long summer, she had grown tired, weak from having no one to command or to whom she could show off her superior brain. Sure, she had a cat and two dogs, but Jane Eyre wouldn’t take commands, and she had run out of training treats for Atticus and Boo’s daily lessons of Sit, Stay, Spin, and Stand. On Monday, July 27, Tess would finally see humans again–she would be going to professional development!

She brought multicolored pens and highlighters to annotate with, an open mind ready to learn, and a gargantuan water bottle to hydrate herself while she engaged in discussion. She loved discussions–such a wonderful way to exchange ideas and share her magnificent thoughts! As she watched fellow English teachers trickle…

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