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A vampire leapt from the building and fell toward the survivor’s.  Erik saw it and instantly recognized it was heading to hit the group.  “Separate!”  He shouted loudly and pushed Patrick forward.  Patrick looked up and saw the vampire falling toward them.  He turned and screamed at the group.  Slowly, the group separated into two halves but the vampire swept up a large man, with a camouflaged vest and pants.  The man fought bravely and the vampire released him but fell into a group of infected.  Unconscious from the fall the man had no chance and the group lost another member.

“We need to get into that building,” shouted Erik.  The Haitian stepped away quickly and rose into the air.  “I will cover you.”

“Run!”  Erik shouted.

Both groups ran toward the closed doors of the Fields building.  The first ones to the door attempted to open the doors but…

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