Conversations with… Miy Selfe (Reconstruct)

Matthew R. Stitt

“Welcome to Conversations With… I’m Myown Man.”

“Today’s guest is Miy Selfe.  Welcome, sir.”

“Hi,” Miy says quickly, quietly.  “How long is this conversation?  I have things to do.”  Myown tweaks his face slightly.  “I here you are a patriotic-type?”

Miy sits quietly then speaks, “I never said I was patriotic?”  “So your anti-patriotic?  Are you a hater?”


“So what is this goal you have for yourself?”  “I want to make people happy.  I want to do good.”

“That’s great.”

“Yeah, its so great.  You would think I’d done something by now.  I have not.  I don’t even know why I’m here.  I haven’t done and movies.  I haven’t made a difference in the world.”

“Woah, now friend.  Don’t you have a butt load of kids.”

“I have a few.”  “Then you are making a difference everyday.”  “To those children,” Miy inserted.  “I see,” says Myown with a smile…

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