Time Travelers – Messing with their minds as only a Vampire can.

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Vampire Maman

The one thing that bothers my mother more than Ghosts are Time Travelers.

Time Travelers are like those pretentious fools who show up at a Civil War reenactment or a Dickens’ Christmas Fair dressed in their Star Fleet Command uniforms (Spock and Kirk) expecting everyone to ohhhhh and ahhhh over them and tell them “You’re so smart. Your mother must be proud of you.” It is only fun for those in the wrong costumes.

For Vampire teens the curiosity for Time Travelers is great. This has to do with the fact that they know they’re not supposed to talk to them and that they, the Time Travelers are both foolish and dangerous. And seeking out Time Travelers for any other purpose than to stop them (as only a Vampire can) is also foolish and dangerous.

They are usually dishonest and traveling with stolen technology. Honestly do you believe a man…

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