Predators of the first order

Vampire Maman

I have four older brothers. Max, Andy, Aaron and Val. I’m the last of my parents brood. All will be here for Thanksgiving.

Last night Max and Val showed up. Max was exhausted from work. He is one of those Vampires who make sure the rest of us are safe. He belongs to what is the equivalent to Vampire special forces. He goes after the bad, the evil, the weird and other unsavory dangerous things. Yes, he is one of those dark brooding Vampires who look like the handsome sexy beast on the cover of a paranormal romance novel. Val just looks like a normal cute guy.

The night before Max and his partners had found a stash of almost 50 Vampire fangs along with a dozen hearts suspended in alcohol. A dozen vials of Vampire blood were in a large refrigerator. The vilest thing was the skin of…

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