Dear Parent Who Isn’t There

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Teens need their dads

Dear Parent Who Isn’t There,

This is to both mothers and fathers. You know who you are.

Some of you left your current spouse to marry someone who doesn’t like your kid by the first marriage. You have new kids who are more important. You don’t care if you blow off important events with your first kids. They’re older now anyway so you don’t care. You’re basically selfish and immature so you don’t care.

Some of you never married the mother/father of your child so that child doesn’t really matter to you. You didn’t ask to be a parent. It was an accident. Oh give me a break. You had sex, you made a child, grow up and deal with it.

Some of you are just shit heads who can’t take responsibility. Your “freedom” is more important than your own children. By “freedom” we all know that means a girlfriend/boyfriend…

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