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The map was crudely drawn out.  A large thread weaved is way through the center taped with clear tape in several location.  A red circle marked 16 houses through out the small city center.  A blue circle marked the smaller stations usually an older restaurant.  Along the outside of the map was the wall.  This was marked in green and the line was sloppy.  Every few feet there was a red line that indicated the guns.

“What is that?” Erik asked after he noticed a lone black circle.  “That’s are idea where the vampire may be.”  “So you think they are located near Main and First?”

“Possibly,” said Michael.  “They are likely underground.”

Someone screamed from the other room and the entire house disappeared into the other room.  Stacy was fighting several zombies.  They had managed to loosen the plywood protecting the window in front of her.  Immediately, three men…

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