An Introduction to Peer Teaching for K-12 Students – Part 1

Good information for parents and anyone working with kids. Fun stuff.

Leviathan FLL Team

No one argues that the United States education system in the K-12 grade levels needs some help. With emphasis on improving test scores as a measure of overall student understanding of mathematics and reading, as mandated by the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), schools have focused curricula on insuring students are proficient in these two areas.

Peer to Peer Teaching Engages Students

Even with 37 states being granted waivers excluding them from meeting full requirements of NCLB until 2016, schools and teachers still struggle to meet other federal requirements such as the Common Core State Standards. Regardless of which ideals schools are working towards, everyone agrees there is not much time is left in a teacher’s day to spend helping those students who have fallen behind.

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