Short Story Sunday: Uncle Jerry’s Machine – A Very Short Story About Time Travel

Vampire Maman

I came down into the kitchen to make coffee and right next to my kitchen sink stood someone who looked just like my Uncle Jerry. You know Jerry, the guy who had a perfect life and everything fell in place like magic. Only this guy was 60 years younger than Jerry.

Before I could ask, “Who the Hell are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?” he said “I’m Uncle Jerry. Don’t scream.”

I wasn’t going to scream. Anyway, to make a long story short Jerry has a Time Machine. Everyone in the family talks about it but Jerry would never share much information. So here I am in my kitchen when Jerry says, “You have a lot of regrets. I’m going to let you borrow my time machine so maybe you can see if any of the other lives you might have lived would have been better…

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