Short Story Sunday: Dust and Desire (the Austin and Elizabeth story continues)

A serial story of paranormal romance…

Vampire Maman

Austin didn’t become a Vampire Hunter because of any personal vendetta or tragedy. Nobody he every knew had been turned into a Vampire or killed by one. He didn’t even believe in Vampires. To Austin Vampire were characters in really crappy Peter Cushing movies that used to play on late night weekend TV.

He had a PhD in History and lectured at a local university part-time along with occasionally publishing articles. But his real business was restoring 19th century buildings, mostly old homes.

While in the basement of a Queen Anne that was built on the foundations of a Gold Rush era house of the early 1850’s he came upon an earlier sub-basement. In a far corner was a box, a casket, ornate with gold flowers painted on the sides. Austin could barely stand but managed to get the lid off.

Inside lay a woman almost perfectly preserved. Her face…

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