I believe in you… said the ghost nobody else could see.

More Halloween like fun…

Vampire Maman

Crazy Ghost Band

The bit of rain and cool weather earlier this week has ended. Now we’re left with hot air and hot breezes. Still, I had to go out on my back deck to have a glass of wine and open my eyes to the night.

Everyone was out. The husband and kids had gone out to the water park. Yes, Vampires at a water park. Hey, this is 2014 and summer is here. We’re not going to spend our nights lurking around in the heat. Plus school starts next week. I just wanted a little bit of time alone to take care of a few things and just to be alone for a bit.

A cold wind blasted my face and I opened my eyes. Standing there in front of me was Nigel, the Ghost. How long had it been? Weeks? Maybe months since I’ve seen him? He gave me an…

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