Dating, Divorce and Bittersweet Goodbyes…

Everyone needs their own Cowboy.

A good post for anyone in transition (or not).

An (un)Ordinary Life


Today was my last day in my current job position. I’ve gotten the honor of being promoted out of the gas station locale and into the corporate business world. It’s a step up, and an exciting opportunity. Turns out that exciting isn’t quite the right word…I find this entire scenario is bittersweet. I’m very happy to be promoted. I’ll be making a lot more money and I won’t be doing any physical labor during my work day. Life will get better. But, it means I have to say goodbye to all the people, customers and coworkers alike, that I’ve developed friendships and acquaintance-ships with. Final farewells have taken me a few days to complete. Some of the vendors that come in to drop off shipments of Coca-cola or Pepsi, Frito-lay and others I only see once or twice a week, normally. While certain customers only come in on certain days…

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