The Station raided

OK Readers we are ramping up for Halloween – this is the place to get your fun, smart and scary Zombie and Vampire fix…in The City of Zombies.

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The argument escalated into a shoving match forcing Kali to stand nearer the dead lying on the floor.  She stared downward at the torn skin and dark rolling blackness that seemed to grow underneath it.  The blood seemed darker then normal human blood but also thicker.  It seems to amass like a pillow under the broken jaw of the zombie.

Outside the windows of the garage door Kali could also see the argument.  The black leather wings lashed in many directions till a shot echoed through the garage.  A set of wings suddenly stopped and disappeared.  A prominent voice echoed loudly.

“Alright, enough!”  It said as Kali watched a taller vampire appear within the windows.  It was taller then the others and upon it’s face was a hockey mask.  “We now have two seconds to get upon that roof and destroy this human station and every human within it.  Now move!”


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