Philosophers v.s. Teenage Boys and Other Musings on High School

Vampire Maman

High School is better this year – in 10th grade.

My 15 year old is still complaining about bad behavior and stupid classmates but not quite as much as last year. She also continues woefully about being sold down the river in Middle School. Yes, the Montessori promise did not pan out and her school did not teach the kids all that they promised so the kids were unprepared and a lot of them unsupported in their efforts to get a good start in the right classes in high school. That was something I did not expect either.

This year my brilliant child is frustrated by her English class. She hated her teacher last year (who thought she was some sort of dark goth girl) and this year English proves to be almost as bad. The teacher seems annoyed when she asked questions and never gives clear directions. If you…

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