Kid Sister Theatre

Make these girls go viral! This is really sweet and funny.

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Living in the white ghetto fucking rules. Living in the white ghetto fucking rules.

As those of you who read this blog all the time may be aware of, I have a thing for classic TV commercials.  I also have a pretty warped sense of humor and creativity.  And because the rest of my family was just as fucked up (in a good way) as I was… twenty years ago, me and my three youngest sisters (Amy 14, Angela 12, and Nicole 10, left to right) set out to stand the advertising industry on its ear with some of the weirdest, corniest, lamest, and sometimes even funniest commercial parodies ever filmed.

The time was the Summer of 1994.  The scene was our small, but extremely humble white trash yard.  The recording equipment was a bulky RCA camcorder that was in almost every home at the time.  The props were whatever we could get our hands on… including…

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