When bad things happen to good people (a stupid story)

From Marla:

Yellow jackets have built a next under the walkway to my front door.

I was outside trying to water what is left of my drought stricken yard and trying to avoid the yellow jackets when two very nice men came up the walk way. Yes, they were Jehova Witnesses.

They had an issue of Watch Tower that spoke of “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.”

Suddenly the yellow jackets swarmed. I sent the nice men on their way. Then one of yellow jackets stung me. According to my daughter I yelled “FUCK” really loud and shocked the two nice men.

My teenage daughter promptly put out a message to ALL of her friends and is still laughing at it. My foot is on fire.

Yes, tell me again why bad things happen to good people?

Oh well. It is one of those days.