Bullying hurts!

Words that have meaning in more ways than one.

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David Foster

David Foster was in my class in 3rd grade,

David had polio braces on both legs,

At recess bullies would call David “peg leg”.

It was then with David I would always stay.

David Foster was not afraid of the bullies,

but he couldn’t defend himself with ease,

David, he couldn’t even sit on the swings,

but he made me a fine necklace out of 

dandelions and leaves.

Kids said David was a sight for sore eyes,

He didn’t wear clothes that matched,

or have slicked back hair.

The bullies would mock him when he came in the room,

but David, he’d always smile

as if he didn’t care.

I really don’t remember much about school

back then…

But David Foster, 

I will always remember as my friend.

(c) DiAnne Ebejer


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