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Erik stood with the Haitians help.  The tall black man was not yet a vampire but Erik noticed dark blood along his right shoulder.  Two dime-sized red marks identified the infection.

“Brother, how are you?” He asked.

“How are you, is the real question,” Erik asked cautiously.  The Haitian smiled and placed a large black hand upon the dime-sized marks.  “Saved my life.”

“Well, I guess that’s one way,” Erik said with a grimace.  “Thanks, for the help.  I need a drink.”

Erik searches and finds the duffel bag.  He reaches into the bag and removes the cap from the bottle of whiskey.  He swallows hard while watching as the zombies begin to gather around the three.

“What do you recommend we do, superman?”  Erik asked.

“Um…we have to find some place to stay.”  The tall man shoved an approaching zombie backward into a second.  His strength was amazing but…

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