Short Story Sunday: Date with a Vampire

The story continues…

Vampire Maman

Part 7 in The Hunter series

Date with a Vampire

Austin showed up at Elizabeth’s door at 8:00 sharp. She opened it before he knocked.

She let him in, and they stood in the entryway looking at each other, eye to eye for what seemed like an eternity. He then took her hands, first his fingertips touching hers, cold to warm, then their hands entwined. Neither of them spoke.

He smiled. No fangs. All the other guys she dated lately had long sexy fangs. He had something else. Austin had warmth.

“Let’s go,” he said. He’d wanted to say, “Let’s go upstairs,” but he could wait. “You look beautiful tonight. I expected black. You’re wearing green. It looks good on you.” He opened the car door for her and went around to the drivers seat after she got in.

It was Second Saturday, the night that all the art galleries…

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