Short Story Sunday: Cold and Warm

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Vampire Maman

He’d kissed that mouth that drank human blood. Oh well. It wasn’t any different than someone eating a hot dog with onions and chile then washing it down with a beer. OK it was different. A lot different. But he could get over it.

Was she as cold all over as her kiss? He’d never made love to a Vampire before. God, that sounded horrible like making love to a dead person. She was a dead person, sort of. She was older than any living person yet she had the body of a young woman.

Arranging his tie Austin smiled and said to his reflection, “You’re a history buff. She’s the perfect woman for you.”

Would the reflection issue be an issue? Sometimes Vampires didn’t show up in reflections. They’d be unclear or even just shadows. He made a mental note to check it out with her, that is if she was…

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