One more thought for those of you who are looking for something calm… this is Oscar. He is calm and collected and cool. We should all be so lucky.    

Some of us…

Some of us are creatures of our own imagination, Nightmares for some, Whimsy for others. We love and learn. We feel and move on.   And for those who follow blindly, There is no imagination, There is no real joy, No love, Nothing but hate, And empty promises, Of nothing.

Called to Serve

Originally posted on Mad Man Knitting:
I was knitting a short while ago. Surprise! Yes, if you know my schedule, up at about 6am, make coffee, grab needles, go. I often listen to the radio while I’m knitting, no matter where I am. Sometimes music, sometimes talk radio. A short while ago, I heard the…

I thought you were lunch

Originally posted on Vampire Maman:
“You thought I was sexy before you knew I was a Werewolf.” “I thought you were lunch.” “But we’re still friends, right?” “Always.” ? ? Conversations with my friend Adam the Werewolf.   ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman ?

Why do some Guys never find their girl?

Great post. Read, laugh, ponder and pass on to your single friends (who will either laugh, cry or see themselves, or maybe say “I dated that guy.” And if you aren’t following the blog of Raani York do yourself a favor and sign up today. You never know what you’ll find but it is always…