The Personal Touch

This is brilliant. For all writers (and others) please read, share and make it go viral.

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The Ravings of a Sick Mind

Nothing is more important to an author than maintaining good connection with their fanbase and readers. I’m going to give you a little peek at my Customize-able Fan Response Template (trademark pending), which I use to make sure that my readers and fans know that I care enough to go that extra mile for them.

Dear [name/email]
 Thank you so much for your [email/letter/death threat/attempt to collect a debt]! I am always happy to interact with my [fans/family/bill collectors/salespeople] and pride myself on making a personal connection with the “little people” as I like to call them. Although this is not to be confused with real Little People aka dwarfs, who I have the utmost respect for. Also, thank you so much for the thing you said about [Ancient Blood/Drawing Dead/Other], it’s always nice to know my work is appreciated.
 I hope…

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