Called to Serve

Wonderful post. It will make you think and think again…and I hope it will make you smile.

Mad Man Knitting

I was knitting a short while ago. Surprise! Yes, if you know my schedule, up at about 6am, make coffee, grab needles, go. I often listen to the radio while I’m knitting, no matter where I am. Sometimes music, sometimes talk radio. A short while ago, I heard the press conference of Dr. Kent Brantly, the doctor with Samaritan’s Purse who contracted Ebola and was now being released from the hospital, clean and cured. But, there was something he said in his press conference that caused me to sit back, put the needles down, and reflect. He said, and I’m paraphrasing mind you, that he and his family had moved to Liberia for a two years stint because they were called by God to serve and at the time Ebola was not on the radar.

And I kept doing my best to connect with that idea, “….called to serve.” But…

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