Above the hearth – sounds of night

The sounds of life and love…

Vampire Maman

vm moon light night

I hear the clock behind me. It is a Seth Thomas from the 1870’s. So many of those are still running. I can’t imagine living without the sound of a clock and the strike of the chimes. Mine, a model called Atlanta, after the city, only strikes on the hour. It is a mantel clock but it sounds much larger. It sounds huge.

Above the hearth,

The clock lives,

No time to muse on the past,

Or years gone,

Because it is a sound,

That makes babies sleep,

And the mortal quiver,

The sound of night,

And lovers in the light

Of the moon through the window,

Listening to the clock,

The yips of coyotes,

A fan against the heat,

And their own hearts beating,

Then all is still,

As it is with Vampires,

And old clocks

That need to be wound,

And cared for,

Like love,

And memories,


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