Musings on Gassy Planets, High School and Uncle Max

Just a little back-to-school fun…

Vampire Maman

Cat on Mars Cat on Mars

I was taking Clara to school this morning and traffic was backup up for about a mile and there was no place to go. All the side streets were backed up with people trying to get out of the backup.

We speculated on the cause of the backup. I assumed it was an accident. Clara looked over and saw one of her teachers in the traffic with us. And much to her shock he was smoking. She said three of her teachers smoked.

I guess I could have acted shocked but let’s be real. I bet he was having one of his two cigarettes of the day. The first is on the way to school to take the edge off and calm his nerves before he faces 200 students over a course of 6 periods. The second is after school to take off the edge and face…

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