Vampire verse and musings on technology (more like weird random thoughts)

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Vampire Maman

Time travel makes me dizzy.

In the darkness

Ancient and cool

In the heat

Of blistering summer

Waiting for night

Dreaming of winter

And in a moment


A friend

Finding out

If they’ll dance

And hunt

Then laugh

In the darkness

Of the cool

Summer night.

My reflection is unclear,

But you my love,

Can get my text

And I can get your neck.

My brother Val is never without his smart phone. I’m not either and my teens, well, they might as well be phone Zombies. We’re all on our phones. So much has been written about teens and phones. You already

You wouldn’t think Vampires would have smart phones with texting and all the social media but we do. Sure we can send our thoughts out but why not just text and have our prey WANT to come to us. It is always nicer if they think it is their idea.

Technology keeps…

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