Series Issues: Penny Dreadful’s Season Finale – Grand Guignol

Penny Dreadful news! Fun fun fun.

Never Think Impossible

(Source: Showtime) (Source: Showtime)

Spoilers… one last time.

We’ve seen the crazy and the demonic appear in the screen for seven episodes of Penny Dreadful. I am sold, not on a potential series, but on a series that was consistently great at all times and excellent for more episodes that other TV shows can ever wish for. The quality of the dialog brought about a certain air of rich and lush that made some scenes feel like works of art.

As Miss Vanessa Ives gives Sir Malcolm Murray another hopeful clue as to the location of her daughter Mina, we can’t stop wondering what will these two characters do when their mutual usefulness ends. That will be resolved before the credits roll, but first we’ll finally get one resolution from Sir Malcolm that’s long overdue: if he can’t save his daughter, he will end her suffering. The clue is a line…

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