Something beautiful and lovely and calming to start off your weekend with: Gemeni. This is from one of my favorite blogs: I always look forward to the wonderful photo posts. If you aren’t following it you should be.

Everything in Mint Condition

This will make your heart melt. Click here for: Everything in Mint Condition. And remember…if you want a great cat or dog look to your local shelter. You’ll thank me forever for telling you that.

Beautiful Bruchetta – Canning Magic

There is something about summer canning that makes me feel calm and makes everything feel right. It is simple, thoughtful and keeps summer alive all year long. And it isn’t bad for the ego either because everyone loves the stuff I make. My rule is that if you bring back the jars I’ll give you…

Your fantasy world…

A wonderful article about writing and creating fantasy worlds. Read: Editor’s Corner 101.14. Click on the link above.   And if write fantasy or anything I recommend you follow Shawn MacKENZIE And thank you to Jennifer,  “the secret keeper,” for keeping this up front and reblogging as well.