Stop with the Vampire Bashing! All books Are OK if someone reads them!!!!!!

Recently Freshly Pressed featured yet another blogger bashing on Twilight. Why? It is old hat. It is boring. It is dead in the water. It is totally over done.

I am NOT a Twilight fan. The books are totally silly, BUT enough of bashing Twilight. Please come up with something new and original. Or is that blogger just pissed because no publisher would pick up her Vampire books? I have no idea. I’m just venting.

Enough of bashing books that kids actually read. This a repost from a May blog post. Click on the link below for the entire article.

Stop with the Vampire Bashing! All books Are OK if someone reads them!!!!!!.

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9 thoughts on “Stop with the Vampire Bashing! All books Are OK if someone reads them!!!!!!”

  1. Because of the vampire bashing I actually gave up writing my series of vampire books I started to write when I was 11yrs old, I worked hard on them for a long time, but around 2010 I decided the world seem sick of vampires, so I lost my confidence, that’s after working on them for 16yrs! I had wrapped it around a whole fantasy world, I wrote so much on the series that it’s at least half the length of the Discworld novels Terry Pratchett wrote and I feel I’ve wasted time on them because everyone is going off vampires. So I really hate Twilight bashers too, I never read the books or watched the movies by the way. Despite me loving vampire movies and books in general.

    1. Oh don’t make me sad! Keep writing your books! Don’t let anyone get you down and make you stop doing anything you love and believe in!

      Forget the bashers. Just think – one of these days when your books are published you’ll have a lot of happy readers (and be laughing all the way to the bank).

      And don’t forget – there are a lot more people who are writing and READING Vampire books than you think. And that goes for any genre you read or write.

      Thanks for your comment and GO FOR IT! (now I want to read your stuff!!!!)

      1. Thanks, it’s a lot of hard work I’ve been storing, some people in my family wonder why I keep it and don’t burn it like I usually do with ideas that flopped. But I am hoping that vampires will become the in thing again. Maybe it never went out of favor, but I do know whenever I tell people I write mostly about vampires I get the eye rolls etc, even from the Gothic community!

  2. Well said!! You know… when I read this sentence: “Or is that blogger just pissed because no publisher would pick up her Vampire books?”
    I thought immediately: I think, that’s it!
    Maybe this blogger DID try to publish and got angry because Stephenie Meyers books were published before and so successful? Jealousy does make people bashing.

    I do like the Twilight movies and books. Even though they’re kind of “childlike”… At least I did never feel the need to find out whether or not Vampires do sparkle in the sun. LOL

    1. Everyone needs a little fantasy – even if it isn’t all the same fantasy.

      Like I’ve always said, the sparkle comes from all of the holiday lotions Vampires stock up on from Bath and Body Works (Twilight Woods)

  3. Twilight actually inspired others to create their own vampire sagas. Some of these people had never written fiction before. And at least one of those persons got their novel published… πŸ˜‰

    1. Wasn’t 50 Shades Twilight Fan Fiction? Whew, that is just weird (in my side of the universe). Really really really weird…but people are reading it (I’ll skip it but if you want to read it go ahead). And rather than bashing all I can do is think “I wish I’d thought of that”. LOL.

      1. After I finished “Breaking Dawn”, one of my first thoughts was “What happens to Bella & Edward a few centuries down the line?” Each are are more than a bit dysfunctional. I thought their future would be a vampire version of “War Of The Roses” and/or “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry”, thus begat my warring vampire spouses Damien and Lilith… 😈

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