3 thoughts on “Letter to Russel Brand

  1. Hmmm. I’ve never seen anything with Russel Brand and I don’t want to, but I guess I don’t really get the letter. Well, I’ve been made fun of for my looks, so whenever someone makes fun of someone else’s looks, it makes me uncomfortable. Coincidentally, I did read an article by Russel Brand yesterday–though I read it because of the topic, not because I knew it was by him. Anyway, he wrote about Margaret Thatcher’s life and death. I thought the letter was quite thoughtful. Surprisingly thoughtful, actually, considering the reputation the man has. So, I was thinking maybe this guy isn’t as crazy/awful as I thought. I still wouldn’t see any of his movies, but having been moved by what he wrote, I was a bit taken aback to read this today.

    This makes me think about what can be made fun of and what can’t. And then while people have the right to make the jokes they want, other people have the right to be offended and to argue. The right to say something doesn’t free one from criticism, so a letter blasting the man is fair enough. I’m sure he has said many, many offensive things to be taken to task for. But his article on Margaret Thatcher really was quite good for what’s it worth.

  2. He is an actor who says a lot of really stupid things in public – especially degrading things about women. The letter was humor and part of a series of letters to famous people who do and say stupid things in public.

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